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Webinar partner: QuickFee


Webinar partner: QuickFee

“Advice now, pay later.” QuickFee Instalments is the first-ever non-recourse “advice now, pay later” solution for professional service firms. The “buy now, pay later”  instalment model is proven to increase sales and is projected to be a billion-dollar industry by 2023.  

Interest-free instalments. Clients don’t accrue any credit card interest charges when they use QuickFee Instalments. Just 4 interest-free payments and the invoice is paid. 

No credit checks. Unlike other BNPL solutions, Instalments uses existing credit, so there’s no need for credit checks, applications, or approvals. It works just like a regular credit card purchase, except only a quarter of the cost hits the client’s card each month.  The remaining balance is “held” and does not appear as a charge until payments are taken. 

Smithink Promo Code. Use “Smithink” as promo code to get 30-day free, no transaction fees!

With QuickFee, you can now:

  • Win more business
  • Sell more of the services & advice that your clients need now
  • Can focus on quality client work, rather than chasing down payments
  • Spend less time negotiating over service fees
  • Get paid on time!

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