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Mark Holton Founding Director

Who is Mark Holton?

Mark Holton has more than 30 years’ experience as an Accountant and Tax Agent in practice. Mark has developed specialised skills in corporate presentations and training with extensive experience in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada.  

Mark is a lively and entertaining speaker, whether as a key-note addressing large audiences, the facilitator of a Partner Retreat or Conference, or the leader of Professional Development course. His engaging speaking style means that his audiences are always alert and entertained at his events.

He is also a respected consultant in taxation and business management, in particular business advisory services implementation and delivery using key structured advisory systems and software.

MFAA National Roadshow Perth 2017

Mark holds a Master of Commerce Degree as well as several post graduate qualifications in Accounting and Management. He also has a Degree in Adult Education and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.

Mark sits on the Board and is Honorary Treasurer of Ronald McDonald House Greater Western Sydney, a position he has occupied for 25 years. He is also the founding Chairman of The New South Wales Central Coast Academy of Sport for the past 15 years.


Mark Holton is one of Australia’s most respected trainers and presenters specialising in the business and financial services sector. Mark has delivered corporate presentations and training to a range of audiences, from one-one-one sessions to large professional associations.

His ability to engage his audience, his passion for knowledge and his capacity to communicate complex systems in simple terms make him a leader in his field. His advice is valued by his clients, his peers and the many community organisations that he assists.

Mark is a much sought after speaker for seminars, conferences and other functions. He is able to successfully deliver a positive message using this extensive business knowledge, anecdote and his unique sense of humour.

MFAA National Roadshow Perth 2017

Presentation Topics

Below are some topics Mark has presented which can be tailored to specific audiences. He is also open to suggestions and will work with you and your specific requests.

1. Unlocking your practice's potential

How to professional service firms re-focus from compliance services to value-added reliance services? Mark shares his innovative process that includes insights on the contact firm structure and infrastructure, turning numbers into knowledge, action planning and identifying your client's additional needs.

2. Advisory solutions update

With a market full of business advisory solutions, selecting the most appropriate can be a challenge. This session will consider the available options and will highlight findings from the Smithink Accounting Firm Technology Survey on the successful delivery of business advisory services.

3. Mistake free implementations

What are the common mistakes made by professional services firms when undertaking business advisory work? Mark shows you how to avoid these key pitfalls, covering issues such as commitment and capacity, staff selection, equipping with Business Advisory Champion and finding the right clients to work with.

4. Becoming a Financial Storyteller

Today's consultant or coach must provide high-level advisory services as well as simple accounts management. Learn how to be a proficient storyteller, extracting meaning from the numbers and helping clients understand their financial story, using web-based techniques like the 4 Chapters, the Power of One and the 3 Big Cash Flow measures.

5. Running the ideal board of advice meeting

A quarterly Board of Advice client meeting is the "low hanging fruit" opportunity that all accounting firms can maximize. In this session, 1Mark shows how to deliver high-value meetings with a structured approach and engaging content that builds client accountability.

6. Building exceptional customer service

Recently returned from the Exceptional Leaders program at Disney University in Anaheim, California, Mark shares his insights on the hugely successful Disney management model of "on stage and off stage" service delivery and "over managing" through an attention to detail that drives success.

7. Generating profit out of compliance

Maximize opportunities to deliver consulting and planning services based on the backbone of compliance work. Mark will illustrate how you can build growth into your business with financial performance analysis, forecasts and projections, measured futures business models and 'what-if' scenarios to help clients establish clear objectives.

8. Seeing the financial impact key of key decisions

Being in business is a constant battle of key decision making - should I or should I not? Do I commit? This session will show you the impact of key financial decisions before they are made. Any debit or credit? You must know in advance!


Mark has delivered presentations to many organisations both large and small, in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. He is a confident and competent presenter who draws upon a wealth of business and financial knowledge blended with practical experience to deliver his message.


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Engaging the right clients on day one


Creating a customized business advisory client proposal


Developing a business advisory implementation plan


Creating the accountability measures around the plan


Running the ideal first client consultation


Explaining outcomes in terms the client can understand


Selling and marketing your advisory services


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