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David Smith Founding Director

Who is David Smith?

David Smith is a founding director of Smithink. He is the external practice advisor to many firms participating in firm management activities to provide an objective viewpoint and an understanding of strategies that have achieved success in other firms. He undertakes detailed practice reviews for those wishing to acquire practices, deal with succession issues or improve their strategy, efficiency, technology usage or client service. He conducts due diligence reviews of practices being acquired. He is Australia's most experienced independent technology and process adviser to accounting firms.

Previously, for over 16 years David was a partner at PKF (now BDO) Sydney where he created a significant software business which was sold to MYOB. He is a regular speaker on topics relating to the future of the accounting profession, business strategy, process improvement and innovation. He is also the advisor to businesses that provide products or services to the accounting profession.

MFAA National Roadshow Perth 2017

He was the 2003 President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, was an initial director on listing of Countplus, the ASX listed aggregator of many accounting and related businesses.

"The challenge to recruit and retain the star performers is driving change in how firms manage their technology and processes to enable flexible working, team productivity and a sought after work environment. Strategically firms are also reviewing how they engage with their clients. This ensures they are focussed on delivering to client needs and expectations as well as contracting with clients so that clients participate in assisting firms to provide highest quality and most efficient and cost effective service."


Over many years David Smith has spoken to and worked with small and medium businesses to harness the benefits of technology. He can paint a picture of the future but at the same time provide practical suggestions as how business can make better use of today’s technologies.

David is also an expert in the management of professional service firms and has spoken at many conferences and firm retreats. In addition to technology utilisation he can help firms understand how they can grow and better manage their businesses.

Building a culture of accountability, pragmatic marketing, process improvement, delegation, succession and improving service quality and service offerings are just some of the topics David can address.

MFAA National Roadshow Perth 2017

Presentation Topics

Below are some topics David has presented which can be tailored to specific audiences. He is also open to suggestions and will work with you and your specific requests.

All Businesses

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    Harnessing technologies to improve your business performance

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    Creating a culture of accountability

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    Websites that work

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    Getting the most from social media

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    Process improvement

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    Technology now and in the future that will drive new opportunities for businesses

Professional Firm Specific

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    Future of professional services firms (tailored for professional service firm industry)

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    Future of audit

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    Pragmatic marketing that works

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    How to broaden your service offering

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    Keys to delegation

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    Performance management

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    Capicity, workflow and resource planning

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    How to delight your clients (transforming client service)

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    Succession planning

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    Building referrals

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    Agreed (fixed) fees - the keys to success

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    Strategic planning


David presents with high energy in an engaging and entertaining style that will keep the attention of audiences and deliver ideas that can be instantly applied in their business.


Creating a culture of accountability that drives performance in your firm


Reviewing the pros and cons of different team structures and implementing team structure change


Reviewing and optimizing your processes and technology usage


Dealing with partnership change and partner succession plans


Reviewing and integrating mergers or acquisitions


Creating and implementing an effective marketing plan


Improving your client engagement methodology to increase client satisfaction and develop more work


Conducting an effective partner retreat/strategy day or team day


Ensuring that your plans are effectively implemented and managed


Addressing change coming from the ATO, technology change and business generally