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How to be a greater leader

For an accounting firm to be successful there are a large number of systems, people and processes that need to be effectively lead and managed. This session will focus on what makes a great leader. We will also cover the 10 common mistakes managers make and how to overcome them.
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How to be a financial storyteller

Today’s accounting advisor must provide high-level advisory services as well as simple accounts management. Learn how to be a proficient storyteller, extracting meaning from the numbers and helping clients understand their financial story, using powerful web based techniques like the 4 Chapters, for success, the Power of One and the 3 Big Cash Flow measures.
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Leadership team performance reviews – getting the most from your key people

Clearly, the leaders of the firm have a huge influence over the success of the business whether it is growing the business, managing client relationships or managing the practice. Yet, all too often, unlike employed team members, performance reviews do not occur and performance targets are not set. This can result in the firm not…
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