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The quality vs efficient war – getting the balance right

Utopia is to never have any mistakes and all the work is produced with maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, the reality is that often some trade-off is required between efficiency and the possibility of error. In this session, we will review how firms endeavour to maintain operating efficiency while effectively managing the risk of errors and the…
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Practice KPI’s that really drive accountability

There are many key performance indicators that can assist accounting firms in monitoring performance and efficiency. This session will look at some of the common compliance performance drivers, how they are used, monitored and what to measure your team against. We will also examine other “non financial” engagement KPIs that can help monitor activity and…
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Maximising your resources in a world of labour shortage

There are only two ways to solve resource shortages. Find more labour and/or get more production from existing labour. In this session, we will review how firms are addressing the labour shortage with strategies to unlock new sources of labour. We will also review how firms are using resourcing planning and other tools to boost…
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