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Getting the right plan to deliver more advisory services in 2025

This session will concentrate on the need for a business advisory implementation plan for accounting firms when undertaking business advisory work. The material covered will include; managing commitment and capacity issues, developing a proven implementation system for advisory work, selecting the right staff, appointing a business advisory champion and resourcing them, overcoming confidence and the…
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Why you need to develop a technology plan

There is no reduction in the speed of change from the rapid change in technologies. To effectively harness these new technologies a structured approach is required to ensure both technology and processes are aligned, all technologies well together and priorities are aligned with firm strategy and critical requirements. David will highlight the components of a…
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Strategic planning – the key innovative diversified service for your firm

Strategic planning starts with aligning your client’s business with its vision, mission and values. Then taking the time to think through where it makes sense to focus energy and resources in order to reach intended outcomes and results and ensure all stakeholders are aligned and working toward common goals. This session will help you determine…
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Let’s review AI use in accounting firms

Artificial intelligence is promising to change the world. What we need, however, is real-world examples of how firms are applying the technology. David will highlight some examples of where firms are achieving breakthroughs with this exciting technology in this session.
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The 10 key business advisory client engagement tips

Engaging clients is one of the critical steps in getting more advisory services happening in your firm. Getting the client to want this service is a skill in itself. This session will focus on the 10 top tips to engage clients in business advisory services. It is not selling, it is just communicating and taking…
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Why you should consider small teams

Managing workflow and creating effective accountability is fundamental to ensuring well-managed workloads, reduced turnaround times, higher team satisfaction and job recovery. David will highlight how and why a team structure based around small teams has been the foundation of success for many firms in this webinar.
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