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Empowering Accounting Firms with Strategy and Practice Management Excellence

At Smithink, we recognise the immense value of information sharing among accounting firms. Collaborating with like-minded professionals can unlock new insights, strategies, and opportunities for growth. However, we understand that traditional group coaching sessions or meetings can be costly in terms of time and travel expenses. That's why we have developed StratAdvise, a comprehensive online program that enables you to interact and collaborate with other professionals right from the comfort of your own office.

Throughout the StratAdvise program, we place a strong emphasis on the integration of finance management, people, processes, clients, and services within your firm, all working harmoniously to achieve your strategic goals. We understand the time pressures faced by practitioners, often leaving little room for practice development.

Key Features of StratAdvise:

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    Tailored Group Selection

    Participants have the flexibility to choose the group that best suits their needs, ensuring alignment with their specific goals and challenges.

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    Regular Online Meetings

    Every two months, participants gather for focused and productive 60-minute online sessions. These sessions provide a dedicated platform for discussions, knowledge exchange, and problem-solving.

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    Collaborative Agenda Setting

    We value your input. Member firms actively contribute to setting meeting agendas, ensuring that the topics addressed are directly relevant and valuable to the group.

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    Expert Facilitation by Mark Holton

    Facilitating the group is Mark Holton, a seasoned professional with deep expertise in accounting firm management. Mark provides unlimited email and telephone support to participants, helping them navigate challenges and maximise the benefits of the program.

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    Exclusive Group Limit

    To ensure an intimate and highly interactive environment, each StratAdvise group is limited to a maximum of 10 firms. This exclusive setting fosters meaningful connections and allows for focused discussions.

Investment for your firm:

Smithink Member firms:
per annum: $1500 +GST
(less than $210 per meeting!)
Non-member firms:
per annum: $2000 +GST
(less than $260 per meeting!)

Our program addresses this challenge head-on, providing you with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to optimise practice performance. We tackle the common question of whether being solely a compliance practice is sufficient for long-term growth. We explore the limited growth potential of such an approach and shed light on the benefits of expanding your service offerings. With StratAdvise, we equip you with the knowledge and guidance to unlock new avenues of growth and success for your accounting firm.

StratAdvise harnesses the power online communication technologies, utilising web-based video solutions to facilitate seamless online collaboration. Our program brings together carefully curated groups of firms, ensuring compatibility based on factors such as firm size, number of principals, location, and specific areas of focus including advisory implementation, software selection, processes, system and people resources, engagement and delivery models, and more.

Crystal ball

With StratAdvise, accounting firms can seamlessly collaborate and access valuable insights, regardless of their location, as our program is conducted entirely online.

To participate effectively in StratAdvise, we recommend that participants have access to a good quality webcam, microphone, and a quiet location to enable optimal engagement.

Join StratAdvise today and experience the transformative power of strategic collaboration, efficient practice management, and comprehensive business advisory support. Together, let's streamline success for your accounting firm.

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At Smithink our passion is assisting accounting firms to achieve improved practice performance, enabling increased productivity and profits.