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The Virtual Delegate By David Smith from Smithink on Sep 4, 2015

The Virtual Delegate

It’s the promise of the NBN. Beautiful high fidelity communications across the country. The challenge of course is whether we are young enough to eventually see it happen. Perhaps it’s a promise to those that are just a twinkle in mum & dad’s eye!

Of course the promise for Australia has immense implications. Consider conferences.

In this big wide brown land of ours attending conferences can be a time consuming and costly challenge if you live and work away from the main population centres. Airfares, accommodation costs plus the cost of the lost time all add up. It’s a big decision to attend. From our own events we can see that attendance does drop of significantly as the distance to the event increases.

But it can be a terribly false economy to not attend when there is so much to be learnt. Consider our ATSA technology event for accountants in practice in Sydney on October 12-13. With over 60 companies participating it is critical that firms attend to ensure that they are leveraging the best of the technologies to improve efficiency, client service and profits. To see the offerings from 60 companies would take weeks of time. Attendance at ATSA regardless of where you live and work is a very strong economic decision.

There’s nothing better than to attend an event in person. Engaging one on one with speakers and exhibitors. Meeting other like minded delegates to share ideas and make new friends and associations. The investment is worthwhile.

However, for a variety of reasons attendance in person is just not possible. That is why we have created All of our events are now webcast. Many sessions are live.

Webcasting is much more than a webinar. Video is television standard. Slides are broadcast with crystal clarity. Sound is high fidelity. As many of our webcast customers have said “It’s just like being there”. Visit and watch the demos.

Everyone who attends our events also receive access to the webcasts which enables you to watch sessions again or share with you team.

So while there is nothing better than attending an event, webcasting is a good second choice. If you’re unable to attend ATSA register for the webcasts so that you can ensure that you’re keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

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