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Is that the ticket? By Mark Holton from Smithink on Aug 15, 2016

Is that the ticket

One of the pivotal issues that arose at recent firm staff interviews and staff retreats, is that our clients do not get their telephone and email issues addressed in a timely manner. Many practitioners have mentioned to me that they get frustrated when the client calls back often agitated that they have not had a return call or email in what they consider a reasonable time. This is always one of the top 3 improvements that is suggested to improve customer service.

It made me think of a recent experience I had. My computer experienced issues with Windows 10 tiles that would not load. I called my local computer support provider to seek assistance and was greeted by a very cheerful and professional person who actively listed to my issue, and within a few minutes of my call I received an email (or SMS my preference) with an acknowledgement of the call, a traceable ticket number and a complete description of my problem. From there I was constantly updated and upon successful rectification of my issue I received another email closing the case.

I wonder if in the accounting industry we could learn from that experience. Should we be logging calls and emails through our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and sending an email or SMS acknowledging the clients contact with us? Should it have some reference number and summary of the question? At least that way the client would feel that they have been listened to their question is being actioned. I know how frustrated I get when someone tells me they will call or email me and they do not do so. Something to consider?

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