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You need to learn about automation By David Smith from Smithink on Sep 28, 2017

You need to learn about automation

Automation of accounting is a constant discussion. All sort of predictions are being made, all sorts of technologies are being discussed. It’s hard to sort out what is real and what is fantasy.

At ATSA, to be held on October 16-17 at Sydney’s Hyatt Regency, various speakers will bring the issues into sharp focus. The new payments platform being implemented by the banks will have a significant impact over time on how accounting is done, It is important that accountants understand how it will work and the impact.

Developers of SMSF audit software are making significant headway in audit automation and in using big data principles and artificial intelligence to deliver highly efficient and effective audits.

Next generation tax technologies are being envisaged that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to not only improve compliance but revolutionise tax advisory services.

The small business accounting software vendors continue to make strides in improving the efficiency of their systems and eliminating the need to keystrokes and unnecessary data entry.

Robo advice platforms are revolutionising how financial planning advice is generated and delivered to enable cost-effective, efficient but quality advice.

Estate planning engines are changing the efficiency of advice and client engagement.

One touch payroll is set to change the efficiency of payroll processing.

You owe it to yourself to stay on top of these developments. For 11 years ATSA’s Speed dating for technology has delivered the knowledge you need to stay on top of technological change and ensure your practice is positioned to get the best from technology.

In just over 2 weeks ATSA will open at Sydney’s Hyatt Regency on October 16-17. You owe it to yourself and your firm to be there to ensure you’re getting the most from technology.

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