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You don’t have to become a business coach to help your SME clients By Mark Holton from Smithink on Jul 6, 2018

You don’t have to become a business coach to help your SME clients

Aren’t there a lot of Business Advisory solutions coming out of the woodwork? My email has been inundated with them of late. I am sure you are the same!

Many have multiple disturbance messages like…

“Compliance is dying; profit will be more difficult to maintain in the future; get your clients onto the cloud or perish; develop value-added services using a software solution, system or approach etc.”.

Yet many firms are still doing more profitable compliance work than ever. They don’t seem to be dying!

Now let me let you in on a fact …many accountants don’t feel comfortable trying to be business coaches, sales and marketing experts or Human Resources specialists. They haven’t been trained in those disciplines and they’re currently too busy to start now. Many do ask smart strategic questions of their clients and direct them to valuable services and solutions that the firm can offer them.

That’s what they are good at…project managing their SME clients with the assistance of team members within and strategic alliance outside the firm and getting great results with them. Also helping clients develop practical financial budgets, cash flows and managing and monitoring KPI’s to run better more profitable and cash strong businesses.

Now the best way I know to get your SME clients receptive to being helped by your firm’s business advisory specialists is to take them to practical education events. Like attending an industry-specific conference with your SME clients.

Why not book a table for five clients at the Global Business Camp scheduled at the Gold Coast on July 30 – 1 August, 2018; where you can work with them on their business development plans after each specialist has delivered a stimulating educational session.

SME’s generally have improved their profits and cash flows since attending.

And more importantly, they have all engaged their accountant more since then too.

Here’s the program:

Day 1: Work with five clients on defining their business development direction (vision); core focus and core values. Then how they are going to inspire their team with this clear planned direction. Communicating this is the start of better leadership and team motivation. You actually spend time working with your clients helping them think through these issues and working out what they will say and how they will do this.

Day 2: This day is all about sales and marketing and helping your clients plan to create profitable growth. Topics include the use of guarantees, developing unique core differentiators, using social media effectively, avoiding perceived indifference, creating a database to use in digital marketing, website design, adding value through bundled services and products, training team members in delivering awesome service, and working on processes within your business.

Day 3: Helping your clients set financial goals and budgets and KPI’s to use with their team. Valuing their businesses for sale in the future and succession planning. Making it all happen through effective meetings and using your adviser to drive accountability.

You can book a table for five clients and you for $9,900, then bill your clients after the event. The event will generate you 10 times that amount as your clients realise that you understand them and you are willing to help them.

You will be seen as the specialist-preferred advisor who took the initiative to get them there.

And you will learn things that will make you a better advisor for all your other clients too.

Go to

Book in now as there are only four weeks to go until the business camp.

Please be aware that the normal rate is $3,300 pp or $16,500 for five clients and you, but your rate is only $9,900 for 5 clients and you.

You can add extra clients at $1,980 per person at any time once you have booked a table.

Come and join in and become your SME client’s most trusted advisor.


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