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Are you selling yourself…or selling yourself short? By Steve Allan from Say A Few Words on Dec 10, 2018

Are you selling yourself…or selling yourself short

This has been a key question I’ve discussed with clients in 2018, and in most cases the response is the latter. It might be due to inherent humility, but it’s common across all ages and demographics.

It may be subliminal – but in the workplace, we are constantly public speaking and communicating. However, a large majority of the time we just don’t have a microphone.

Therefore, staff training in this area could provide exponential benefits for you and your business.

The spoken word is incredibly powerful. Here are a few of my top tips:

Public speaking is often incredibly daunting. You might be crumbling inside, howeverthere’s been numerous studies proving that there’s real believability when you speak with confidence.

This includes body language, eye contact and interaction with the audience, clients or colleagues. I like to refer to it as your ‘Rock Star’ stance as though you are on stage with one of the world’s biggest bands. Stand and Deliver.

Own it
Usually, my first question is – what’s the audio system like? If you’re working with a microphone – don’t leave it to chance – sound check prior when possible. If it’s on a stand, make sure the microphone is at the right level for you. Is there a handheld microphone you can use? Technique is crucial – hold it close to your mouth. Personally, I love a good radio mic – it means you can present closer to your audience if necessary. Is there a lectern? If there is, take your time to place your notes; ensure you’re comfortable then begin.

Your voice is a unique instrument. Change inflection. Pause for effect. Repeat lines to reiterate your point. I do this all the time, this technique dates back to Aristotle Be loud or soft, depending on the noise in the room.

Know your topic or product inside out and rehearse it and perfect it.
Study and analyse great public speakers and communicators, Barrack Obama is the Benchmark, and there’s a plethora of Ted Talks to choose from. Bryan Brown’s recent speech at the AACTA Awards was brilliant and there’s some really impressive current and former athletes.

It’s Showtime
This is another crucial aspect for me. When you’re told to begin – it’s Game On.

If the world is a stage – then communication is a performance.
You have the potential to really make an impact and entertain.
After hosting the NRL Grand Final presentation in front of a television audience of over three million, public speaking can also be incredibly empowering.

Most importantly have fun and aim to use improved communication skills to Sell yourself and your business a little more in 2019.

I look forward to meeting many of you on the Gold Coast in February.

Steve Allan

Steve will be presenting a session at our 2019 Business Advisory Conference coming up 21-22 February on the Gold Coast. 


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