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Harnessing the power of marketing data for your clients By Joe Papadatos, Icon Visual Marketing on Jul 29, 2022


As a financial advisor, you understand the importance of using data to guide the strategic direction of your clients’ businesses. 

Where traditionally this may have been limited to utilising certain data sets, some of Australia’s leading financial firms are now harnessing the power of marketing data to assist their clients even further. 

This shift has taken place as it has been recognised that one of the most powerful tools to drive business growth is marketing data. This digital data comes from a website or marketing activity undertaken online. It can provide you information on how many people visited your site, where they came from (such as an email or social media) and how many visitors positively engaged with your site and became a conversion.

At Icon Visual Marketing, we specialise in digital marketing. And data is a tool we use every single day to help our clients make informed business decisions and thrive.

You might be asking, where does the data come from?

It’s right there at your fingertips.

There are several sources, and you’ll find valuable information here.

One of those sources is Google Analytics. It’s a web service run by Google that gives you tools and statistics for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and marketing.

Once you have data in your hands, you need to interpret it and put it to work.

Data gives you the information from which to measure and develop an effective marketing funnel. This can be best explained as the Three Tiers of Marketing. 

The Three Tiers of Marketing are:

  1. Awareness
    The beginning of a relationship with a potential customer, being the extent to which consumers can recall or recognise a brand. You need awareness before you can progress to the second tier. 
  2. Engagement 
    That part of the relationship when the consumer participates or interacts with the brand. It might involve verbal discussion, visiting a website or signing up to receive emails. This is a great step and positive engagement often leads to the third tier.
  3. Conversion
    When the consumer becomes a customer and a ‘sale’ is made. Having them onside opens the relationship, with the ultimate outcome being that they are loyal to your brand.

With many businesses investing heavily in marketing to grow their business, understanding how this data can work for or against your recommendations is crucial to helping you and your clients make the right decisions.

The challenge for those in small businesses and as future leaders is to integrate the marketing data to build a comprehensive picture and help your business thrive.

Is that an easy challenge?

Well, it doesn’t need to be difficult.

One of the problems for people in small businesses is that they don’t have a lot of marketing training. Generally speaking, they haven’t been able to interpret and advise on marketing data. After all, those in small businesses are not necessarily marketing specialists.

But you can be. With simple, inexpensive yet powerful tools that give you the power to guide your clients with marketing data. Tools that you have access to and can share with your clients.

These insights will be discussed in more detail in my session at the Young Guns Workshop. 

I look forward to meeting you and being able to help you thrive.

Joe Papadatos
Managing Director, Icon Visual Marketing

Joe Papadatos is the founder and Managing Director of Icon Visual Marketing. With his innate strategic thinking, Joe has helped dozens of companies and brands thrive, even through the difficult COVID era. His passion for helping small businesses led him to develop the unique Odee system. Joe is a speaker at the upcoming Young Guns Workshop event for Smithink.


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