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The Love Of Learning By Jessica Holton with Mark Holton on Feb 12, 2024

love of learning concept

I thought I would ask my daughter, Jess, to help me out with an article for this month. Jess is a 34-year-old skilled graduate journalist working in digital media and I wanted to know her thoughts on learning, so we put this article together which I feel is very relevant to the accounting industry.

As Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in”. Igniting the spark of the love of learning manifests itself in many unexpected forms. Between picking up a new language before setting sail on a European honeymoon, figuring out how to fix a flat tyre you’ve busted on the freeway to learning how to parent your first child – the love of learning is an integral part of the human experience.

To foster this love of learning encourages growth and is an important part of managing both your personal growth and also that of your business. When open to discovering new things, your skill set can only expand and your motivation to build on existing knowledge grows with it.

Psychologist, Jin Li discovered that the Chinese have a concept that roughly is paraphrased into, the want and need to learn is what the heart and mind want. Western culture may experience shame or guilt when met with the inability to learn and therefore achieve whereas this Chinese model suggests that the shame comes from not wanting to learn.

This is an interesting concept to deep dive into when it comes to businesses in the Western world. The emphasis on the notion of ‘failure’ especially when in the context of business could be linked back to a lack of knowledge, an unwillingness to learn new skills, or a lack of curiosity when it comes to pivoting to encapsulate a new business landscape.

The love of learning also means a love of flexibility. An essential skill to possess when managing your business and staff. The ability to pivot and reassess at a moment’s notice can be taught through experience but also studied and honed for when challenges arise. The whole notion of learning means having an inherent love of flexibility as your mind grows around new subject matter and skills.

To love the act of learning, it is crucial to maintain motivation. Usually, an end goal or incentive is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge and that of your staff. Providing training courses for your staff gives them a sense of accomplishment while also expanding upon their skillset, therefore making your business stronger and setting your employees apart from the rest.

love of learning concept

Not all teachable moments have to be about achieving direct business goals either. Motivational events that encourage morale are a great way for you and your staff to retain their passion for learning new things. Cooking classes, escape rooms, and trivia nights are just some examples of building a long-lasting professional relationship with those who work with you while making sure the learning you’ve invested in is fun. By sharing the love of learning with others you’re sure to create a bond that benefits all.

There are activities you can utilise to learn alongside your staff. Often when checking in with your employees, you can enquire about their love to learn. Questions such as, ‘If you could share something you’ve learned this week, what would it be?’, or ‘What would you teach us if you could teach us any new skill?’. The questions would differ between older and younger staff. Older staff might be asked, “What would you like to learn about technology that challenges you?”. Whereas you could ask younger staff, “What is something you would like to learn?”. By creating the space for your staff to reveal their love of learning, you can make the best decisions on how to foster their progression within your business.

The accounting industry is ever-evolving, and continuous learning is not just a choice but a necessity for staying relevant and competitive in the field, so why not embrace it?!

Channel your inner Philomath (from the Greek ‘Philos’ meaning lover of learning and study), and delve into what makes you want to reach out for more knowledge. What challenges you to become a better business and manager and how can the love of learning benefit you and improve your life both personally and in business? Whether it be improving your skill set, expanding your business comprehension, rewarding your staff’s curiosity, learning how to make pasta or winning your work trivia night – learning is always something to celebrate. Opa!

Mark is passionate about empowering accountants through education and mentoring towards growth and excellence. Whether you’re seeking a dynamic presenter for your firm or event, or looking for personalised mentorship to nurture your rising talent, contact us to find discuss your needs.


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