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Mastering Client Engagement: A Guide to Asking the Right Questions for Business Success By Jessica Holton with Mark Holton on Mar 8, 2024

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The importance of asking your clients the right questions can have a profound impact on your accounting business’s success. Whether you’re assessing practices, gathering feedback, or fostering professional trust, creating a space for clients to express themselves is invaluable and makes for great client engagement.

Initial Contact

Begin with understanding how prospective clients find you. This insight informs your marketing strategies and helps tailor your approach to attract the right clientele. Embed questions like “How did you discover us?” and “What services are you seeking?” in your contact forms to gauge their interests and needs. Don’t forget you can download our Needs Review Checklist here.

Building Relationships

Maintaining an open line of communication is key to nurturing client partnerships. Enquire about their onboarding experience and offer technical support when needed. By addressing concerns early on, you enhance client satisfaction and retention.

asking the right question concept

Expanding Services

As you deepen your understanding of clients’ businesses and financial goals, seize opportunities to offer additional services. Ask open-ended questions like “Where do you envision your business in five years?” to uncover new avenues for collaboration and growth.

Feedback Gathering

Implement surveys to gather feedback and insights from clients. Probe into their experiences and preferences to refine your offerings and enhance customer satisfaction. This data also informs targeted marketing strategies tailored to your client demographic. Read more on the importance of client feedback here.

Client Retention

When clients decide to move on, seize the opportunity to learn and improve. Ask probing questions like “What could we have done better?” and “Did we meet your expectations?” to understand areas for enhancement and increase client retention.

Ultimately, fostering open and honest communication builds stronger professional relationships. Clients value feeling heard and supported, fostering a sense of partnership with your firm. By asking the right questions and actively listening to your clients, you demonstrate your commitment to their success, ultimately fostering long-term business relationships.

Mark is passionate about empowering accountants through education and mentoring towards growth and excellence. Whether you’re seeking a dynamic presenter for your firm or event, or looking for personalised mentorship to nurture your rising talent, contact us to find discuss your needs.


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