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Suicide Mission?

By David Smith from Smithink on Jun 23, 2015

Why did I do it? I started with hopes and dreams. I believed I could…

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The Value Added Challenge

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Jun 5, 2015

Good profitability, strong, sustainable cash flow, growing return and being client-focused go hand in hand…

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The Service Every Small Business Needs

By David Smith from Smithink on May 8, 2015

When you talk to your clients about their business what quickly becomes very clear is…

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Achieving Your Cloud Based Potential

By Peter Tobin from Cloud IT on Apr 8, 2015

We have all no doubt studiously trawled over the various annual reports available on Accounting…

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Business Valuations and Indications – A Unique Advisory Opportunity

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Apr 8, 2015

Business Valuation is always a hot topic of conversation at accounting events, particularly business advisory…

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Every business eventually runs out of gas

By Mike Rich from Attache on Mar 6, 2015

Every business eventually runs out of gas, including accounting firms. Failure to recognise this can…

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The Age of Prediction

By David Smith from Smithink on Mar 6, 2015

Ever heard of the term “Aspirational Spelling”? It’s a consequence of the technology age where…

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On-Stage Off-Stage and Over-Managing

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Feb 16, 2015

Back in early November I travelled over to Canada to run the Canadian Accounting Technology…

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From $3,000 per client number cruncher to $300,000 ‘wing man’

By Evan Bulmer from EBAA on Jan 16, 2015

I was recently talking to Evan Bulmer from EBBA about his journey with business advisory…

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The Need for Business Advisory Systems and Process

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Dec 8, 2014

I recently returned from work and travel in South Africa and Canada where I presented…

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The boat is sailing, are you on it?

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Dec 3, 2014

It starts to get pretty scary and exciting for accountants when someone from the ATO makes a series of comments on the industry.

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A space once dominated by MYOB ProfitOptimiser now has many alternatives

By Mark Holton on Nov 28, 2014

MYOB ProfitOptimiser has been around a long time and at one time had much of the business advisory tool space on it’s own.

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