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The Keys to Exceptional Client Service

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Mar 9, 2019

I was recently asked what were the key observations you have seen in successful accounting…

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – the next frontier

By David Smith from Smithink on Feb 8, 2019

There has been a mountain of press, blogs and videos predicting that the accounting profession…

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How to create ongoing client engagements

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Jan 11, 2019

Getting started with your advisory services and maintaining service momentum is one of the great…

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Time for the accounting industry to take the lead

By David Smith from Smithink on Jan 7, 2019

Remember the 1980s? Greed was good. Until Paul Keating killed it – it was the…

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Are you selling yourself…or selling yourself short?

By Steve Allan from Say A Few Words on Dec 10, 2018

This has been a key question I’ve discussed with clients in 2018, and in most…

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Why implement business advisory services?

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Dec 3, 2018

One key question I seem to get asked regularly is; what’s wrong with being a…

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10 key business advisory selling tips

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Nov 2, 2018

1. Know how to explain simply to clients the products and services your firm offers….

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How do you compare? Tech Survey 2018

By David Smith from Smithink on Nov 2, 2018

Well the results are in. We have now completed our technology survey for the 8th…

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Business Valuation Indications – A Unique Advisory Opportunity

By Mark Holton from Smithink on Oct 4, 2018

Business Valuation is always a hot topic of conversation at accounting events particularly business advisory…

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Time to rethink SMSF Audit?

By David Smith from Smithink on Sep 7, 2018

With the government’s plan to reduce the audit requirements for squeaky clean SMSFs from an…

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Wondering how to run your ideal first client seminar?

By on Aug 17, 2018

At some time in the future of every accounting firm, we need to think how…

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Time to become a TV star

By Smithink on Aug 10, 2018

They say a picture tells a thousand words. On a website where you only have…

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