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Outsourcing, an integral part of Accounting Firms

The dynamics of technology in today’s date is something that cannot be overlooked. With advancements on a daily basis, when it comes to the field of accounting, technology has easily managed to convert compliance into a commodity with no special need for this aspect to be overseen or supervised. Taking this into account, many accountants…

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So what’s your attitude to IT?

Do you lie awake at night worrying about the cost of IT in your practice and feel that it’s a never ending black hole for your cash. Or do you jump out of bed impatient to leverage how technology can enable transformations in firm efficiency, client service and profitability. It is surprising the difference this…

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The Top Challenges for Practice Managers

Practice Managers in accounting firms face numerous challenges on a day to day basis. Some of those include, what I consider, to be the top issues in many firms I have worked with and consult to. Let’s look at some of the main challenges; Recruiting and retaining key staff Several factors impact how attractive a practice…

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