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How to avoid technology depression

In the 1980s some psychologist in the US conducted an experiment with immigrants from the old Soviet block. They took them to a supermarket and got them to buy basic items like bread, milk, toilet rolls. What do you think happened? They froze. They were incapable of making the purchase. Why? It was the confusion…

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The Virtual Delegate

It’s the promise of the NBN. Beautiful high fidelity communications across the country. The challenge of course is whether we are young enough to eventually see it happen. Perhaps it’s a promise to those that are just a twinkle in mum & dad’s eye! Of course the promise for Australia has immense implications. Consider conferences.…

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What Business Advisory Tools Do I Choose?

With a growing number of business advisory software tools on and entering the accounting market it is often difficult to know what to choose. At Smithink we recommend following our EnablerTM Seven Step to Success process using the best software at the critical steps. It is not as easy as having one tool for each step.…

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