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Opening up new doors in your career

With the new year here it’s time to move forward, look at things differently and perhaps even head down a new path in your firm. Moving on and hopefully away from COVID-19 is the season of new opportunity, so now is the time to refresh your workplace habits to create your own “new beginning.” Remember,…

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2021 – Glad that’s over; 2022 a new beginning?

Well, it’s been hard to find raving fans for the year 2021. COVID tired set in. In and out of lockdown and the uncertainties surrounding it. That said, it’s been far from a disaster for the majority of professional service firms. It’s just that people are a bit worn out – looking forward to a…

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Mental Health Challenges for Accountants

Everyone’s struggling! Anyone who thinks the last 18 months has been a picnic really has to look at their own self-awareness and wonder why… As accountants and advisers, you are dealing with your clients on a day-to-day basis that are struggling to pay rent, pay their staff, pay their suppliers and to literally keep the…

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Who will command your bots?

Picture a world where you receive a message every morning from your robots that have already done most of the procedural work for you and have even gone as far as letting clients know the status of their work. Seems fanciful? Well, it’s coming faster than you think. All of the larger firms are making…

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The benefits of doing work with not-for-profits

not for profits concept

Often in the accounting industry, we are asked to sit on boards of not-for-profit organisations. What you first need to consider is, should you accept the appointment, and what due diligence do you need to do? The other is the benefit of helping others, doing “your bit” for the community, and growing your network of…

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Are you cyberfit?

brown and white round ceiling

Accounting firms are time poor and prime targets for the cybercriminal, because your clients trust you with the most sensitive of information and often, not enough time can be spared to focus on cybersecurity. Let’s change that and focus on getting the basics right. Let’s get cyber fit with five quick questions: 1. Have you…

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Recycled Boomers

A few things have transpired in the past few weeks. Firstly, Deloitte settled the legal action taken by a partner in respect of their mandatory retirement age of 62. They’re not alone in having retirement age provisions in partnership/shareholder agreements. Such provisions have been around for 50 years or so to ensure that older practitioners…

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Has public speaking been holding you back in your career?

Has the fear of speaking in front of an audience been holding you back your entire career? Unfortunately for some, the fear of embarrassing themselves in front of colleagues or other professionals runs so deep that they may damage any chance of climbing the leadership ladder. If you think this might be you, don’t give…

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Where have all the people gone? 

business advisory software concept

The hunt for talent. Is it getting worse? Many are reporting that it seems to be getting harder. The Big Four firms are in the market soaking up the talent, others are doing the same. Some firms are reporting to me a rise in attempted poaching of their staff. Some had bad experiences with offshoring…

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Why Implement Business Advisory Services?

offshoring concept

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed on the topic “why accounting firms should consider implementing a business advisory service offering”. Some of the questions were very interesting and made me think that developing a strategy is even more important to future success. This month I thought I would share with you some of…

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