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COVID-19 and Your 2021 Business Advisory Plans

Well, the last ten months have certainly been a challenge….a somewhat unexpected challenge that is! Many firms I have spoken to tell me they have been extremely time poor and have been confronted by how to: Manage staff working at home and associated workflow issues; Deal with multiple client questions, demands and management issues around…

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What lies ahead for Professional Service Firms in 2020?

This month I thought we would do something a bit different and examine an article from a fellow thought leader and long-term supplier to the profession both in Australia and New Zealand. I recently stumbled across the following article from Dave Birch of smartAR and thought you may be interested in reading it. Some good…

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How to Get the Bank to Say Yes – Now and in the Future

More and more there is a compelling need to deal effectively deal with Banks. In the current environment many businesses are looking towards the Banks for assistance with managing COVID-19 consequences through suspending repayments for set periods and support with loans for operational cash flow and the like. Even before the Global Pandemic interrupted our…

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