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Staff Impact on Succession Planning

Many accounting practitioners would agree that it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain good staff that can assist not only in compliance procession but also in business advisory service delivery. There is increased reporting on the skills shortage in various industries and there are no immediate signs that this is going to change.…

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How’s that capacity plan going?

As many readers may be aware, I have long advocated that every firm needs a production manager. Part of that job is to ensure that the business has sufficient capacity to get the work done and develop new work. In these resource constrained times, this is no easy challenge. While, before COVID, there were still…

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Strategies to Improve Client Follow-Up

two men and four women meeting in office

One of the pivotal issues that has arisen at recent firm reviews and strategic planning sessions is that our clients do not get their telephone and email issues addressed in a timely manner. Many practitioners have mentioned to me that they get frustrated when the client calls back, often agitated that they have not had…

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Recycled Boomers

A few things have transpired in the past few weeks. Firstly, Deloitte settled the legal action taken by a partner in respect of their mandatory retirement age of 62. They’re not alone in having retirement age provisions in partnership/shareholder agreements. Such provisions have been around for 50 years or so to ensure that older practitioners…

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